The Series Trophy Results 2023

                                                                                        1st Leigh Gibson

                                 2nd Barrie Martin                                                                        3rd Richard Strong

Each skipper scores points based on their overall ranking in each Regatta so 1 point for overall first, 2 points for second etc.  The ranking is overall for each Regatta after combining all classes into one.  Not competing in a Regatta adds 20 points to any skipper’s score for the year.    The following are the 2023 results covering the top 30 places:

2023 BESC Regatta Results

BESC Results.pdf

2021 Portcullis Regatta Results (Regatta not held in 2022 & 2023)

Portcullis Results


2023 Finn Trophy Regatta Results

Finn Results

2023 John Lewis Regatta Results

JLP Results